Joining HSME

New members are always welcome.

The Hereford Society of Model Engineers (HSME) is dedicated to the pursuit of model engineering, in all its facets and welcomes all those with an interest in the subject, be they active modellers or simply those with an active interest in the hobby.

The HSME was inaugurated in 1962 establishing the current site in 1994.   Since then the membership had built and financed the extensive facilities which we now enjoy. These include four railways, in gauges from 00 to an extensive 5 and 7¼inch railway, a boating pond, club house and numerous workshops and other facilities.

Being a member of the HSME comes with certain obligations; the club has become what it is, almost exclusively, by the efforts of the members. Maintenance, running and financing the club is a continuing requirement and each member is expected to play their part.  Tuesdays throughout the year are our main working days. We gather from 9am to 2.30 pm and all who are able are strongly encouraged to come along and participate in the various activities, be they site maintenance, servicing and repairs to rolling stock, machinery, equipment etc or the various projects we undertake to improve and grow the club.  In return tea and soup is provided to be consumed in convivial surroundings.  We even have a sandwich van regularly visiting

We also meet on Saturday mornings mainly to mentor and encourage our group of young engineers though other work is also carried out.

Skills you may have which we may be able to utilise, be they technical, for example, mechanical, electrical, building etc., or social, for example event organisation etc are welcomed and appreciated.

The membership fees pay for day to day expenses, eg. electricity, water, insurance and the myriad other items which inevitably include the free tea we all enjoy (and soup for the Tuesday workers during the winter months).  It also pays for our magazine ‘Whistlestop’ which is issued three times a year.

During the summer months we run various events including a series of public running days.  It is these public days that make by far the largest part of our income and finances all our major projects.  It is therefore incumbent on those members who enjoy those benefits to assist in running those days.  Duties may include driving, being a train guard, staffing the station, signalman, or the various stewarding requirements around the site and car park.

We also attend other events around the Hereford area and the annual Midlands Model Engineering show at Leamington which require similar commitment.

During the open days your membership card entitles the holder to a seat on the trains during quiet periods when there are no paying public queuing for rides.  This may not be regarded as a family ticket.

During the winter we meet every second and last Friday evening at the club house. These are social gatherings usually talks by members, occasionally by guests, slide and film shows and the occasional ‘bits and pieces’ evening where members display their latest works and talk about them to the rest of us.  A Christmas social party and the annual club dinner also fall into this category.


Visit us on a running day to find out what we do.

Get the chairman’s tour – ask for Wally Sykes and see behind the scenes.


If you think this is the club for you, please download and complete our membership application form – Membership Application Form

Contact the Membership Secretary Graham Richards :

Please note that Junior membership spaces are subject to availability.