Broomy Hill -The Photo Tour

The most prominent feature when you arrive is the station and ticket office, which sells tickets for both tracks.Station

Next to Broomy Hill Junction station is a picnic area, where you can watch the trains go by, whilst lunching.

To the left of the station is the elevated track, with it’s own, smaller, station, Compton High Level.  To find this station, follow the fence towards the hedge (left facing the station).  The entrance is in the far corner.

The elevated level track runs inside the low level track – be careful when you cross.

The site also has a clubhouse, which offers Refreshments and seating.


We have a large Model Boating pond.  To access this you must be escorted across the track at the level crossing. Please wait at the crossing and someone will come and work the level crossing for you.

And a new “00” gauge display featuring Ledbury Station and Viaduct is currently under development in our new projects building.

Beyond the Clubhouse is the Garden Railway

Enjoy your visit but please take care and supervise your children at all times.