Young Engineer Training – May 2018

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This month the emphasis is Soldering, Brazing and Welding with our chairman Wally at the helm helped by other members of the club.

We start with a bit of history of the various torches and soldering irons explaining which are best suited to each type of job.  Safety is very important here as the items you are working with get extremely hot.

Then on to a demonstration

Now it’s the Young Engineers turn, ably supervised of course.

And finally a sample of the completed test pieces completed by the Young Engineers (and a mum).

Arc Welding


The all important tea break

On with the learning

TIG Welding

Ensuring the connections are correct

Ensuring you have a point on the rod

Explaining the best approach

How it’s done

Young Engineers turn to practive

Spot Welding

Checking the settings on the welder

First Weld